Maceio Beaches Are A Paradise On Earth

All of the Maceio beaches are fantastic; that's what gives the area its popularity. At all Maceio beaches you'll find white sand, towering palm and coconut trees, and clear green water. At most beaches you can enjoy swimming, surfing, snorkeling and a trip to the natural pools around the reefs. Here is a guide to the Maceio beaches in more detail.

Urban Vs. Outer Beaches

Which is better, Maceio's urban beaches or the outer beaches along the coast? It all depends on what you want to do at the beach. If you want to party and hang out with the other beach goers, Maceio's urban beaches can't be beat. They have great restaurants, bars and clubs, and they are located conveniently close to the hotels, city center and other sightseeing attractions. The urban beaches are also great for checking out Brazilian music and dance, and all that the local culture has to offer. The hottest urban beaches are Ponta Verde, Pajucara, Jatiuca and French Beach.

If you'd prefer a quiet beach getaway with somebody special, or you are turned off by big crowds, the quieter outer beaches are better. The beaches located up the north coast or down the south coast are easily accessible by car, lying anywhere from 10 to 30 kilometers from the center of Maceio. For most of these beaches, there are buses and tours that you can take to reach them, and some are even close enough to get to by taxi. At these beaches, you'll find peace and quiet with the beautiful ocean setting in the background. Pratagi, Ipioca, Sonho Verde, Guaxuma and Gunga Beach are some of the best beaches to visit for a quiet time.

North Vs. South Beaches

In either direction from Maceio you'll find wonderful beaches stretching out for miles. The northern beaches are generally more remote than the southern beaches, being further away from the center of Maceio. The best Maceio beaches to the north are Sonho Verde, Paripueira, Ipioca, Pratagi, Riacho Doce and Guaxuma. These beaches are known for their clear, green water and gentle waves. Many of them have coconut groves and marshes.

The southern beaches are more populated, and this is where you'll find wilder waves. The southern Maceio beaches include Pontal da Barra, French Beach and Gunga Beach. These beaches get a little more crowded on weekends than the northern beaches. Whichever direction you go, you'll find lots of beach paradises waiting to be explored.

Maceio's Most Crowded Beaches

The urban beaches are definitely the most crowded. Ponta Verde, French Beach, Gunga Beach, Pajucara and Jatiuca are the most crowded. On Sundays these beaches are packed. The best time to enjoy these spots is during the week when there is less tourist traffic.

These Maceio beaches are always full of beach tents and tourists, but they are also full of great restaurants, resorts and bars. This is one of the advantages of hitting a crowded beach.

Maceio's Prettiest Beaches

Gunga Beach is usually considered the prettiest of Maceio beaches. It has a wide variety of beautiful places, and this is what makes it unique. There are several bays, coves and beaches, as well as the reefs and the San Miguel Bar, which is a sightseeing attraction itself.

Another of Maceio's best beaches is Pontal da Barra. It is located where the Mundau Lake spills out into the Atlantic, and this gives it a remarkable beauty. This is a great place to watch the sunset. A view from just about anywhere at Pontal da Barra makes a great photograph.

From the urban beaches like Ponta Verde, French Beach and Gunga Beach, where there is heavy tourist traffic, you can take a boat out to the natural swimming pools. There are lots of boats offering trips out to the pools, and they are always reasonably priced.

For more information about Maceio beaches, check out our specific beach pages.

They concentrate beach tents, restaurants and hotels. To the north, beaches are quieter, such as Cruz das Almas and Jacarecica, with good waves for surfing. Garca Torta and Pratagi, two of the most beautiful beaches on the northeast coastline, have green and calmer water. Visit this site with info and photos of all districts of Maceio.

From the urban beaches depart many rafts (small embarkation used by fishermen) that take the tourists to the natural pools formed on the low tide. The trip takes about half an hour. It's a great programme to people who like bathing in a transparent sea with warm water. There are also strolls for people who like diving near the reefs.

Other option is the navigation on Mundau's lake, on trips that take you to islands, with a stop for baths. In some places, the beaches form lakes two kilometres inland, offering opportunities for bathing and trips by raft. The best known of these is the one starting from the beach at Pajucara with trips on lakes formed by coral reefs andsandbanks that emerge at low tide. Some rafts have been converted into bars where the
tourist can enjoy a typical meal. Six kilometres from Maceio is Jatiuca beach, a surfers' paradise and well-served with inns and hotels.

Maceio had only one nightclub when I was there, but used to have two. The big one (Aeroporco) had just closed (they said for redecoration), so the only place was Arena.This is a very nice place with lots of people on Fridays and Saturdays. It's also a street with lots of pubs and bars, all with tables out in the street. This place was very crowded a couple of days during my stay, but that might have been because of arrangements of the "Cultura Cidade". In this street it's also some nice Forro-bars, where you can dance forro. I was invited with some local girls to go dancing, and it was really funny and challenging. There are also a lot of baraccas in Maceio. The one called Olimpia has some events during the week, but I never got to this place. There are probably a lot more places, but this is what I found out during my stay.
Most places was casual, but at Arena many of the people had dressed up a bit (but no problem with casual wear).

Lampiao: typical shows
If you want to try a typical Brazilian's dance, the Forro, you must go to Lampiao. See my travelogue about Lampiao. night life at ponta verde: night life in front of the sea Place to stay, drink and eat seafood
Beaches Maceio is surrounded by beaches. There is no problem finding a nice beach to relax. You
can choose between those with a lot of people or the empty ones.

Urban beaches
Cruz das Almas
Ponta Verde
Pontal da Barra
North Coast
Barra de Santo Antonio
Carro Quebrado Beach
Croa Island
Tabuba Beach
South Coast
Barra de Sao Miguel

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Maceio Weather
Maceio weather is hot and mild all year around. Here is a more detailed look at Maceio weather, so you can know before you go.

Maceio Real Estate
Now is a great time to buy Maceio real estate. It is relatively inexpensive, and makes a great investment. Here is your guide to Maceio real estate.

Night life Maceio
Maceio nightlife is a great way to unwind, socialize and enjoy traditional Brazilian dance and music. Here are some of the best Maceio nightlife spots.

Praia Sonho Verde
Sonho Verde is Portuguese for "green dream." Sonho Verde is one of Maceio's most peaceful beaches; it's a great place to relax and take in the sun.

Praia Paripueira
Paripueira has lots of rare and exotic sea animal life, including the endangered manatees. With rare fish, natural swimming pools, reefs and clear green water, Paripueira is a great local beach.

Praia Costa Brava
Gunga Beach is one of the best places to check out in Maceio. Located on the southern coast, Gunga Beach has a wide variety of natural beauty to enjoy.

Praia Ipioca
Ipioca is a beach along Maceio's northern coast. It is easy to get to and convenient, but you won't find the huge crowds at Ipioca.

Praia Pratagi
Pratagi is known as the Mermaid Beach. While there are no actual mermaids at Pratagi, you can see manatees, exotic birds and coral reefs at this wonderful off-the-beaten-path beach.

Praia Richado Doce
Riacho Doce is a great beach for those who want to get a little bit out of town, but not be too far away. Known for its pretty beach, marsh land and village, Riacho Doce is a great place to visit on the weekdays when the crowds are away.

Praia Guaxuma
Guaxuma is a great beach if you want to get away from the crowds, and it offers something else. Guaxuma is known for it's simple, rustic beauty. With its long, flat coastline and white sandbars, Guaxuma offers a contrast to the area's other beaches.

Praia Cruz das Almas
Cruz das Almas is one of Maceio's best urban beaches. You can enjoy surfing at Cruz das Almas; it has some of the best waves you will find anywhere on the northeastern coast of Brazil.

Praia Jatiuca
Jatiuca beach has a little of something for everyone. Known for its great surfing and food, Jatiuca is also one of the prettiest urban beaches where you can enjoy the ocean without traveling far.

Praia Ponta Verde
Ponta Verde is the place to go for young people in Maceio. If you want to enjoy Maceio's pretty beaches, party and socialize, Ponta Verde is the place to go.

Praia Sete Coqueiros
Sete Coqueiros is one of Maceio's smaller urban beaches. You can take a boat ride out to the natural pools at Sete Coqueiros, or enjoy its unique crafts market.

Praia Pajucara
Pajucara is the best known beach in Maceio. This urban beach offers trips to the natural pools, lots of food and drink, and a chance to mix with other travelers. Pajucara is not the place to go for peace and quiet, but it can be lots of fun.

Praia do pontal da barra
Pontal da Barra is an urban beach in Maceio, at the southern tip of the city, but it is much prettier than the others. What makes Pontal da Barra really unique is the wide variety of crafts you can buy there.

Praia do Frances
French Beach is the most popular beach on Maceio's southern coast. Head to French Beach during the weekdays when there aren't so many crowds and enjoy this beautiful little bit of paradise.