See All That Maceio Has To Offer With The Maceio Brazil Guide

Welcome to your one-stop Maceio Brazil guide. Here you will find all kinds of useful information about this little bit of paradise on earth. One of the great things about Maceio is that it hasn't been overrun by tourists yet. It is still a quaint seaside resort town where you can enjoy the beauty of the beach and the vibrant local culture.

This Maceio Brazil guide has information about...

...The Beaches, definitely the main draw of Maceio. The beaches are covered in white sand, and the water is warm, green and clear. There are coconut trees, palm trees and marshes full of mangroves.

There is a lot to do at Maceio's beaches. The best sightseeing experience is to take a boat out to the natural pools. There are colorful reefs off the coast of Maceio, and at low tide they turn into swimming pools. These pools are great for snorkeling and diving. Most Maceio beaches also have surfing, wind-surfing, jet skis and kite surfing. Then again, you can always just sit in the shade of a palm tree and sip a liqeuer.

The urban Maceio beaches are crowded but lots of fun if you like a party atmosphere. If you want peace and quiet, there are also remote beaches a little way from the city where you can be all alone. This Maceio Brazil guide tells you where to go and when.

...Local Crafts. The northeast coast of Brazil is known for its handmade crafts. You can buy hammocks, swimwear, jewelry and other goods straight from the craftspeople who make them. This area is known especially for its intricate lacework, and you can pick up great lace items for a reasonable price.

...Food And Drink. Most of Maceio's beaches have restaurants, bars and food stands nearby serving a variety of local delicacies. The best food in Maceio is the local seafood, including shrimp, lobster and other dishes from the sea. The fish are caught fresh. You can also try some of the area's unique dishes.

If you're into the nightlife scene, there are lots of clubs and bars in Maceio where you can enjoy a night out of drinking, music and dancing, with the rolling ocean waves right behind you.

...The Culture Of Maceio. Like all of Brazil, Maceio's culture is vibrant and unique. While you are checking out the area's amazing beaches, you can enjoy authentic Brazilian music, and learn a few dance steps along the way.

There are also lots of historical sights to see around Maceio, including colonial architecture, old churches, and the birthplace of Brazil's first president.

Maceio is a great getaway if you want the beauty of the beach without the crowds of Rio or Sao Paolo. Let this be your Maceio Brazil guide!

Maceio Hotels Brazil
Maceio hotels offer a lot to choose from. But, one great thing about all Maceio hotels is that they put you right on the beach, and there are lots of great deals.

Hotel Matsubara Maceio
The Hotel Matsubara Maceio is one of the most popular hotels in Maceio, Brazil. You'll find luxury, comfort and lots to enjoy at the Hotel Matsubara Maceio.

Hotel Ritz Praia Maceio
For a more traditional stay with lots of peace and quiet, try the Hotel Ritz Praia Maceio. Just a short walk from some of Maceio's greatest beaches and attractions, the Hotel Ritz Praia, Maceio, guarantees a good stay.

Holiday Inn Express Maceio
The Holiday Inn Express Maceio is a great budget hotel deal that puts you right where you want to be. The Holiday Inn Express Maceio is simple, comfortable and affordable.

Melia Maceio Hotel
Melia Hotel Maceio is one of the best known and most luxurious hotels in Maceio. It sits right among the city's most famous beaches. Melia Hotel Maceio is one of the city's biggest and most international hotels.

Ibis Maceio
The Ibis Maceio is one of the best deals going. With its view of the reef and natural pools, and its great eating and drinking options, the Ibis Maceio is a wonderful place to stay.

Maceio Mar Hotel
The Maceio Mar Hotel is one of the city's favorite accommodations. Staying at the Maceio Mar Hotel means that you will be just walking distance from the beach, and not far at all from Maceio's other great attractions.

Maceio Attractions
Enjoy all of the best Maceio attractions. You'll find beaches, boat cruises, biking, hiking, historical tours and lots of other Maceio attractions.

Maceio Boat Cruice
The Maceio boat cruise is an adventure that takes you up the Rio Sao Francisco, a legendary river in Brazil. During the Maceio boat cruise, you'll be able to see rare, exotic wildlife and beautiful changing scenery.

Boat Trip Maceio
The Maceio boat trip is the only way to see Maceio's famous natural swimming pools. One of the most exciting activities in Maceio, the Maceio boat trip is also a great way to see rare species of exotic fish, and spend a day out on the ocean.

Maceio River Cruice
One of the best activities in Maceio is the boat cruse on Lake Mundau. The lake has 9 islands, and the boat cruise on Lake Mundau takes you to see all of them, as well as other spectacular scenery.

Catamaran Maceio
On the southern tip of Maceio, you'll find the Marape Dunes. The Marape Dunes offer lots of sightseeing opportunities, including swimming, hiking, picture taking, and just relaxing in paradise.

Muncipial de Marechal Deodoro
Take in the historic town of Marechal Deodoro as a daytrip when you're in Maceio. Going to Marechal Deodoro is like taking a trip back in time, with unique crafts, historic attractions and delicious food.

Guide to Maceio Neighbourhoods
This is a guide to Maceio neighbourhoods. Here you'll find descriptions of all the major areas in town. This guide to Maceio neighbourhoods is all you'll need to know to get your sightseeing adventures started.

Car Rental in Maceio
Car rental in Maceio is the best way to see the sights. This article offers advice and local companies that have car rental in Maceio.

Rental Maceio
If you plan to stay in town for a week or more, a Maceio apartment rental is a much better deal. This page gives you information on getting a Maceio apartment rental, tips and information on where to look for vacation rentals.

Maceio Carnival
Maceio Carnival is an experience you will never forget. Rio is known as the place to be for Canival, but more and more people are chucking the big city for the beaches and going to Maceio Carnival instead.

Maceio Airport
What's the best way to get to Maceio? Most will tell you that it's the bus. Brazil's bus system is efficient and comfortable, and this is usually the best and most cost effective way. This page gives you information on how to get to Maceio by plane or bus.

Maceio Shopping
This article introduces you to Maceio shopping. Although known primarily for its beaches and natural swimming pools, Maceio has lots of great goods you can buy. Make sure you enjoy Maceio shopping while you are there.

Maceio Pictures
Enjoy these Maceio pictures. One look at these Maceio pictures, and you'll be looking for a plane ticket!

Tourist information Maceio Brazil
This page has Maceio tourist information, as well as links and phone numbers where you can get more Maceio tourist information.

Maceio Food and Drink
Come to the beach and experience Maceio food and drink! With everything from Italian fine dining, to vendors on the beach serving fish and vegetables straight out of the sea, Maceio food and drink has everything you could want.

Maceio Facts
Here are some Maceio facts to make your trip more fun and interesting. Learn a little about the town with these Maceio facts.

Maceio Links
If you're looking for more, here are some Maceio links with information about this popular tourist town. This list of Maceio links directs you to related web pages for more information about this destination.

Map of Maceio brazil
On this page, you'll find maps of Maceio, including city maps, tourist maps and detailed maps of Maceio neighbourhoods. There are not only maps of Maceio, but also maps of the state of Alagoas and the surrounding area.

Maceio Sightseeing
There is plenty of Maceio sightseeing right in the middle of town, but if you want to get out and see some more of the area, Maragogi is the best. The small fishing village of Maragogi offers Maceio sightseeing at its best.

Maceio Guide Books
There are no Maceio guide books on the market, but a good Brazil guide book that covers the norheast beaches will do just fine. Here are some recommendations for good Maceio guide books.

Maceio Culture Attractions
You don't want to miss seeing Maceio cultural attractions as well as the beaches. Maceio is not just a tiny resort town; because of the area's unique history, there are many Maceio cultural attractions to enjoy, including colonial architecture, fine art, music and dance.

Maceio History
Come for the beaches and tropical drinks, and stumble upon Maceio history along the way. Maceio history is vibrant and interesting, and it's one of the attractions that travelers to Maceio should not miss.

Maceio Museum
Maceio museums are a great way to experience the culture and history of Maceio and the State of Alagoas. Maceio museums are considered some of the best in northeastern Brazil.

Cultural Event
With Maceio cultural events, you can see all the great music, dances and festivals the northeastern Brazil has to offer. The Festa Junina is the most popular, but there are many Maceio cultural events held all year round for visitors to enjoy.

Bairro do Jaragua
One of the most famous areas of Maceio is its Jaragua District. Once the main shipping port of the area, now the Jaragua District's old historic buildings have been turned into nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

Teatro Deodoro
The Maceio Metropolitan Cathedral is one of the most important of the area's cultural attractions. Worshippers and tourists alike come from all over to see the Maceio Metropolitan Cathedral.

Maceio Weather
Maceio weather is hot and mild all year around. Here is a more detailed look at Maceio weather, so you can know before you go.

Maceio Real Estate
Now is a great time to buy Maceio real estate. It is relatively inexpensive, and makes a great investment. Here is your guide to Maceio real estate.

Night life Maceio
Maceio nightlife is a great way to unwind, socialize and enjoy traditional Brazilian dance and music. Here are some of the best Maceio nightlife spots.

Praias de Maceio
It's all about the Macieo beaches! This guide to Maceio beaches will tell you where to go, when to go, and what to see and do.

Praia Sonho Verde
Sonho Verde is Portuguese for "green dream." Sonho Verde is one of Maceio's most peaceful beaches; it's a great place to relax and take in the sun.

Praia Paripueira
Paripueira has lots of rare and exotic sea animal life, including the endangered manatees. With rare fish, natural swimming pools, reefs and clear green water, Paripueira is a great local beach.

Praia Costa Brava
Gunga Beach is one of the best places to check out in Maceio. Located on the southern coast, Gunga Beach has a wide variety of natural beauty to enjoy.

Praia Ipioca
Ipioca is a beach along Maceio's northern coast. It is easy to get to and convenient, but you won't find the huge crowds at Ipioca.

Praia Pratagi
Pratagi is known as the Mermaid Beach. While there are no actual mermaids at Pratagi, you can see manatees, exotic birds and coral reefs at this wonderful off-the-beaten-path beach.

Praia Richado Doce
Riacho Doce is a great beach for those who want to get a little bit out of town, but not be too far away. Known for its pretty beach, marsh land and village, Riacho Doce is a great place to visit on the weekdays when the crowds are away.

Praia Guaxuma
Guaxuma is a great beach if you want to get away from the crowds, and it offers something else. Guaxuma is known for it's simple, rustic beauty. With its long, flat coastline and white sandbars, Guaxuma offers a contrast to the area's other beaches.

Praia Cruz das Almas
Cruz das Almas is one of Maceio's best urban beaches. You can enjoy surfing at Cruz das Almas; it has some of the best waves you will find anywhere on the northeastern coast of Brazil.

Praia Jatiuca
Jatiuca beach has a little of something for everyone. Known for its great surfing and food, Jatiuca is also one of the prettiest urban beaches where you can enjoy the ocean without traveling far.

Praia Ponta Verde
Ponta Verde is the place to go for young people in Maceio. If you want to enjoy Maceio's pretty beaches, party and socialize, Ponta Verde is the place to go.

Praia Sete Coqueiros
Sete Coqueiros is one of Maceio's smaller urban beaches. You can take a boat ride out to the natural pools at Sete Coqueiros, or enjoy its unique crafts market.

Praia Pajucara
Pajucara is the best known beach in Maceio. This urban beach offers trips to the natural pools, lots of food and drink, and a chance to mix with other travelers. Pajucara is not the place to go for peace and quiet, but it can be lots of fun.

Praia do pontal da barra
Pontal da Barra is an urban beach in Maceio, at the southern tip of the city, but it is much prettier than the others. What makes Pontal da Barra really unique is the wide variety of crafts you can buy there.

Praia do Frances
French Beach is the most popular beach on Maceio's southern coast. Head to French Beach during the weekdays when there aren't so many crowds and enjoy this beautiful little bit of paradise.

Barra De Santo Antonio
Barra de Santo Antonio is a great place to get away from it all. For urban beach excitement, stay in Maceio, but for a quiet trip to the wild Golden Coast beaches, head north to Barra de Santo Antonio.

Barra De Sao Miguel
Barra de Sao Miguel is a little way from Maceio, but it is well worth the trip. The long sandbar and beautiful reef that make up the Barra de Sao Miguel make it a great day trip from Maceio.

Barra Nova
Barra Nova is where the lagoon meets the ocean. Head down south to Barra Nova for a relaxing afternoon swinging in a handwoven hammock.

Brazil Travel Tips
Never been to Brazil before? Check out these Brazil travel tips. Make sure you know your Brazil travel tips before you head to Maceio for the beaches.

Festa Junina
Festa Junina in Maceio is a unique experience. Held every year in June, Festa Junina is an old European celebration given a uniquely Brazilian twist.

Maceio Beach Tips
Before you head for Maceio's beaches, make sure you've gotten everything ready. These beach tips will help you plan your trip.

Maceio FAQ
Here is a short Macieo FAQ. This Maceio FAQ will answer some of your biggest questions about Maceio.

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